Dowi Hosiery Mills has been guided by decades of experience bringing you quality products that incorporate practical design and advanced manufacturing processes. Each product is guaranteed for value to your money as comfort, protection and performance are kept in mind with its production. You can be assured that before each pair passes down from the production line to your feet has already been taken to multiple stages of strict inspection and quality control.

Our products are made to give you OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE.

Your pair is developed to fit well at the heel and toe. It is made from exceptionally lightweight elastic fiber that adjusts to personally fit well on you. This fiber recovers back to its initial measurement when expanded to twice its original length without breaking. Thus, your snuggly comfortable socks are able to keep up with your daily and sporty activities that stay just right in place.

We understand that your money must only be spent on SIGNIFICANTLY VALUED products.

Your satisfaction is our priority. This is the reason why we made sure that each of your pair is made from durable raw materials which result to long lasting, reliable products. You can count on us for products that are worth your every cent.


Darlington is branded as the socks with real heels. Its tag line, “Walang himulmol sa loob ng sakong”, guarantees consumers that no lint can be found inside the heel and toe of each pair.

Darlington socks are made from USA COTTON.
Your pair of product is produced from fine selection and combination of highest grade raw materials to ease chafing between your foot and the footwear. Your pair of product is a licensee of the COTTON USA MARK that symbolizes quality and value in products that offer manufacturing excellence. This MARK also identifies and distinguishes superior products that limits to quality of using 100% cotton grown in the USA.

Darlington range of collections for
Men Ladies Children Infants
Sport, Casual, Executive Socks and Sports Accessories
Sport, Casual, Trouser Socks and Stockings
Sport, Casual Socks and Fashion Stockings
 Lace Socks, Booties and Baby Tights

Exped socks are made from special charcoal fiber. This fiber is porous thus absorbs odor and moisture that causes fungus and bacteria. It can also retain far infrared rays from the environment that promotes blood circulation and enhances human resistance. These charcoal benefits are guaranteed long lasting even after years of washing and using the charcoal socks.

Exped Charcoal Socks keep your feet hygienically protected.

Your feet will stay bacteria-free and odor-free all day long. Plus, you get benefits that lead to reduction and prevention of feet associated ailments. All these are due to the absorbent and porous charcoal fibers incorporated in each pair of our product.

Exped range of collections for
Active Wear Leisure Wear Fashion Wear Health Wear
Men’s, Ladies’, Children’s Socks 
Men’s, Ladies’, Children’s Socks 
Men’s Socks, Ladies’ and Children’s Leggings
Five-toe socks and Flight Socks
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